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We decided to give away this 62-page report to help you learn about solar. This e-book was written by Kriss Bergethon one of the original owners of Solar Sphere as a way of sharing his experiences of living off-grid. Kriss has over a decade of experience in engineering green energy solutions, he continues to share those experiences with the Solar Sphere team and our customers every day.

Solar power can help you get off the grid, say goodbye to the power company, and achieve energy independence for you and your family. Here's what we cover in this informative E-book:

  • In this free report we'll answer the following questions:
  • How does solar power work?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Where should I put a system?
  • How much solar power do I need for my situation?
  • Can I do it myself?
  • Should I hire a professional?

Plus you'll get these three bonus items with your FREE REPORT:

  • Top Ten Reasons To Install a Solar Power System on Your Home.
  • The Solar Power Checklist: Determine If Your Situation is RIGHT for Solar.
  • Our regular updates on training products, solar power kit deals, surveys and useful information for going green!


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So what are you waiting for? Get started on your green journey with this informational report and start producing energy from the sun in no time!

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